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Scavenger Hunt Head Count

Can be changed!

Published onMay 06, 2021
Scavenger Hunt Head Count

Scavenger hunt will happen from 3:30-5pm on Saturday. We’ll announce teams1 and prizes on-site.

  1. Alyssa

  2. Cathy

  3. Cathy’s Jake

  4. Liz

  5. Liz’s Jake

  6. Lisa

  7. Faisal

  8. Megan

  9. Sarah

  10. Kathryn

  11. Garrett

  12. Anna

  13. Ashley

  14. Amanda

  15. Casey

  16. Bo

  17. Annie

  18. Allie

Allison Needham:

Count me in too, por favor. I dunno what else I’ll be doing… *xoxo*

Margo Seybolt:

If I arrive mid scavenger hunt can I join a team as a “celebrity shot?”